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Bringing Brownfield Land Back into use - National Planning Framework Project Ireland 2040 (March 2018)

The ‘Project Ireland 2040 National Planning Framework’ published by the Government in February makes provision for significant development of brownfield or previously used sites in built-up areas. The document is intended to provide a framework for the development of Ireland up to 2040.
A key element of the framework document are the proposals to target a ‘significant proportion’ of future development on brownfield land and infilled sites within existing urban areas, prioritising brownfield over greenfield use.   This is set out in the following key National Policy Objectives:
National Policy Objective 3a – Deliver at least 40% of all new homes nationally, within the built-up footprint of existing settlements. 
National Policy Objective 3b - Deliver at least half (50%) of all new homes that are targeted in the five Cities and suburbs of Dublin, Cork, Limerick, Galway and Waterford, within their existing built-up footprints
National Policy Objective 3c - Deliver at least 30% of all new homes that are targeted in settlements other than the five Cities and their suburbs, within their existing built-up footprints.
The development of brownfield sites will come under the remit of a yet to be established National Regeneration and Development Agency.  The Government has also announced that it would make state lands available to the new body to kick start brownfield development and a dedicated €3 Billion Regeneration and Development Fund. The full document can be viewed on the Department's Website at
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